Aaron’s Story

How CEO of MON, Aaron Berger, started MON Technology

If you’re like me, you’re fascinated by the stories of how people started their business. So here’s my story…

Way back when I was at university, I volunteered in a computer shop for a day. I remember it really clearly because the owner was having some trouble getting his laptop online. He’d been struggling for days on the problem. I piped up and said “I know how to do that” (I’d been fiddling with modems and the internet at home). I had him up and running within about half an hour. He was really impressed and offered me a job on the spot.  I worked there for about a month before realising I wanted to try going it on my own so I put an ad in the local paper and started doing freelance computer repair work.

My client base grew quite quickly because due to a stubborn streak, every single problem I had, I kept at until it was fixed!  If I’m given a problem, I never give up until I solve it! It’s part of my nature.

I really enjoy the challenge of finding the answer for something that people tell me is not solvable. I’d spend hours and hours researching how to fix an issue. I’d just keep going until I fixed it. I’ve found that if you ask yourself the right questions generally you can find a solution. I’ve seen other people give up after spending half an hour on a problem.

In 1999 together with two other family members, including my brother (my sister joined us a bit later), I started a computer shop with $5000 tax savings! We had already been doing IT work and we thought – It’s time to get this pile of computers out of the house!  We first started by selling new computers and doing repairs. It was hard work. All of a sudden rent took a big chunk out of our income. But we kept going and within eight months we’d grown enough to hire more staff.

I Always had a philosophy of “Don’t use the cheap hardware, sell something you know is going to be really reliable.” People who bought our computers told me that they wanted something that “just worked.”  Then Harvey Norman and other big chain stores started selling computers and the price fell. The bottom fell out of the market in computers sales.

We had been focussing more and more on network repairs and maintenance and saw that many businesses were not getting taken care of adequately by their IT Company. Business networks however were a whole different kettle of fish to the computer sales and home clients I was used to taking care of. In the beginning it was a huge learning curve  I searched all over the place on how to improve our operations so that we could become the kind of company we wanted to be and stay on top of the ever changing IT industry. After a lot of searching I found fantastic ongoing industry training from America and an amazingly supportive international network of IT peers. It was exciting. We busted ourselves to implement what we learned.

As our service offerings grew, so did my knowledge. It’s important to me that our clients experience real results. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time creating and improving systems and processes to produce a predictable outcome for client’s networks. It’s an ongoing thing. I can honestly say that we’re our own toughest client, pushing the limits of technology and using it in-house before recommending it to our customers.  I believe that there’s always a better way to do something – you can always improve. We do this in our business by continually challenging ourselves to learn new things. The more you add to your knowledge, the more you learn to see things differently, the more likely you are to find a way that’s ten times better!

My team and I love helping other companies grow their business. We look forward to helping you.